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 Many entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs allow not know HOW to do something STOP them from going after their dreams!

You don't have to know HOW in order to succeed!
Many people allow not knowing 'how' to do something stop them in their tracks from getting what they want in life.  They say to themselves, "I don't know HOW to write a book" so they don't even attempt it.  "I don't know HOW to start a business" so they stay at the job they hate.  Not knowing 'how' has stopped them before they even start!  Truth is, you're not going to know 'how' until you BEGIN!  Once you start down the path of doing what you want to do and getting what you want in life, avenues, opportunities and tools begin to show up for you!  It is truly amazing how this happens.

It's much like when you are attempting to go somewhere you've never been before, and you punch an address into the GPS.  The GPS says, get on this freeway and go 6 miles or go 32 miles, etc.  You head confidently down the freeway, knowing the GPS will tell you what to do next when the time comes. You have no idea what your next move is going to be when you first get on the freeway, but you don't let that stop you from starting your journey!  Going after your dream is much like this ... perhaps exactly like this, because you're not going to know precisely how to get all the way from point A to point B if your dream is big enough; even when you map out a strategy to the best of your ability.

There are so many serendipitous things that happen along the way that  you couldn't possibly foresee or plan for.  Often these are the things that provide the last piece to the puzzle of getting you where you want to go in life. For example: a friend introduces you to the person who is excited to fund your project; you overhear a conversation which, in the end, holds the key to your success.  These types of things cannot be predicted, yet they happen all the time for people who are serious, focused on their dream and are willing to go after what they want.

Edmond Hilary didn't know how he was going to climb Mount Everest when he first announced that this was his dream.  No one had ever done it before successfully, so there was no book of instructions where he could read how to go about it.  In fact, everyone who had ever tried it up to that point had died!  Yet he did not let that disway him from going after his dream of standing on the summit of Mt. Everest! Did he know HOW he was going to do it?  No!  THREE TIMES he tried before he finally reached the top, but because he believed in his dream and went after it, he did it! Since then over a thousand people have successfully climbed that mountain!

A young boy named Monty was assigned by the teacher to write a paper about his dream along with the rest of the class, he got a big fat F on it.  Not because of spelling or grammar or sentence structure. His teacher said he got that F because his dream was too 'unrealistic'.  Monty said he wanted a 200 acre horse farm, but because his family was poor, the teacher said he would never be able to afford such a lofty dream and offered to allow him to improve his grade by writing another paper with a more 'realistic' dream on it.  Monty said, "You can keep that F, and I will keep my dream!"  Do you think he knew HOW he was going to achieve that dream when he made that statement to his teacher?  Of course not! But today, Monty owns a 154 acre horse farm in Solvang, CA called "Flag is Up" where he raises thoroughbred race horses!

If you think about it, Henry Ford didn't know how he was going to build a car until he created it. There were times when it seemed impossible to do what he wanted to do, but he kept at it until his dream came to fruition.  Thomas Edison didn't know how to create electricity until he finally mastered it, after 1,000 failed attempts!  The Wright brothers didn't know how to fly until they FLEW! But all of these people began the process of heading in the direction of what they wanted to accomplish. They didn't allow not knowing 'how' they were going to do it, stop them in their tracks. Instead, they just got busy, were relentless about achieving their dream and thus, accomplished what they set out to do.  This can happen for YOU too!  You just need to BEGIN!

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